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5 highlights to see in our office area

What to see
Publication 16. 3. 2022

We are located right along Prague’s “Royal Path” – the connection of Powder Tower, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, that is named after the coronation march that used to happen here. There is much to see in a very close walking distance. These are the main five!

Charles Bridge
– Most folks walk across the bridge to get to our meeting point. This is by far the oldest and most iconic bridge in Prague. Until the 18th century, it was the only bridge in Prague, being simply called the “Prague Bridge”. It has stood here since the mid 14th century. We will tell you more about its numerological secrets when we meet. It survived many floods in the past, few of these times heavily damaged, but still it stands majestic and strong. Be careful when you visit, especially when it’s the high season and peak hours, this is the most crowded part of the city. It takes a good 15-20 minutes to cross. We will be happy to walk the bridge with you and drop you to the “Čertovka” boat cruise on the other side (book now!).

John Lennon Wall – One of the most commonly asked questions in the tourist information office here is, “how do we get to the Lennon Wall?” Well, it’s literally just around the block. Nicely hidden only five minutes from the Royal Path, the wall may look like nothing special, just a plain graffiti wall like many others, but this one has a very special history and meaning. It happens to be right in front of the French embassy palace and actually belongs to the sovereign Christian order Knights of Malta’s embassy complex. Back when we were still locked under the Soviet Union and after John Lennon’s tragic death in New York, this wall became the symbol of freedom, peace and love. After we got our independence in 1989, the wall was an ever-changing mix of art, scribbles, deeper messages and everything else. This changed two years ago with new rules, you will hear why from our guide 🙂 (book now!)

Kampa Island – The area right under the bridge on its West side, was cut off by the man made canal and that makes it a city island. Multiple times and by foreign press, it was even voted one of the most beautiful city island areas in Europe. And yes, it is pretty charming indeed; a mix of colorful residential buildings, restaurants and shops, a square with markets and food festivals, but also a locals’ popular park with cafés and art galleries. Walking the park, you will surely notice bizarre black babies sculptures with a bar code instead of a face. What and why – we will explain when you’re on tour with us! Plus we will take you to the best possible spot to oversee the bridge. (book now!)

Prague Castle – It only takes 15 minutes to walk uphill to the main gate, or take a quick tram ride and enter through the side entrance. This is the major historical sight in Prague and officially the largest medieval castle complex in the world. It is almost like a small town to itself and consists of 26 different buildings, churches and palaces, 6 parks and gardens. It includes a charming “Golden Lane” – street with cute small houses and shops. The most dominant and impressive is the Saint Vitus Cathedral that took six hundred years to build and finish. What we like most about the castle is its architectural diversity, it is a monumental mix of different styles and influences. We always love to visit, share with you and discuss — you will find us here on “the castle side” 🙂 (book now!)

“Bellavista” The View – One of the most amazing panorama view points in Prague! From here, you will get to see the whole UNESCO central area of the number 1 district. The famous Zizkov Tower as voted #2 ugliest building in the world, “mini Eiffel” looking observation tower Petrin, the castle’s cathedral, large baroque dome of the Saint Nicholas Church, and much more. You will understand why Prague is known as “the city of a hundred spires”. When we get here, we also like to visit the Strahov Monastery, where we tell you about the local historical library and the Czech national product: beer! (book now!)

We will be happy to recommend more – other special places in the “Lesser Town” area, our favorite restaurants, museums and whatever else you might be interested to know. See you at Mostecka 4!

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Ondra Novotný
I finished my Masters in Prague, used to sell educational products in Colorado, walked doggies in Brooklyn and love the historical Prague. Somehow I got into tourism and plan to stay – it gives me a chance to meet folks from all around the world, provide a good time, and share the city’s unique charms.

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