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The best gardens and parks in Prague

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Publication 28. 2. 2023

Spring is coming back! So, we decided to show you several of our favorite gardens and parks in Prague, where you can relax, go for a walk or have a romantic date.

Letenská pláň

Park at Letná is definitely a place that you should not miss when you visit Prague! Apart from it being a perfect place for a nice romantic walk, it is also offers one of the best views that Prague can offer!

One of those view points is located right next to a beer garden, so you can enjoy this beautiful view with a nice cold beer or coffee.

Letná and especially the area around a monument, which is located there and holds a red metronome, is also very popular between young people. So, if you are looking for a modern hipster place that is filled with young people, definitely give Letná a shot!

You can also see a little bit of Letná on our E-Scooter tour!

Letná beergarden
Letná park

Královská obora Stromovka

If you want to see some nature, but you don’t have a time to get far away from a center, then park Stromovska is a perfect place for you.

Stromovka is not only very beautiful, but is also very big, so if you want to spend some time alone in nature, while staying in a close proximity to a center then Stromovka is your best bet.

There is also a possibility to BBQ in Stromovka on public grills, so you can bring your own food and have a nice lunch with your friends while being surrounded by a beautiful nature!


Riegrovy sady

Riegerovy sady are famous especially because of one thing, because of its beautiful view point. But be sure to come there early, because the hillside from which you have the best view will get crowded with people sitting on blankets, who will try to find the best spot just as you!

Riegrovy sady view point

Valdštejnská zahrada and Vojanovy sady

Both Valdštejnská zahrada and Vojanovy sady are oasis of peace in the middle of a busy city like Prague. So if you find yourself a little bit tired after a long day of walking around the city and you would like to relax, then these two gardens, located at Malá Strana, are perfect for you.

Valdštejnská zahrada is more decorated on more noble looking of these two. It is because of its location which is right next to a building of a Senate of Czech Republic. So, there is actually a big possibility of you meeting some of our senators in this garden, because they like to go there to get some fresh air when they have a break.

The garden of Vojanovy sady looks a little more natural and wilder compared to Valdštejnská zahrada and its mostly because of its inhabitants. A muster of peacocks lives there and they are roaming around the garden freely, but don’t be afraid, they got used to people and you will be safe around them.

They are also in a close proximity of our office so don’t forget to visit them either before or after one of our tours!

Valdštejnská zahrada
Vojanovy sady

Grébovka (Havlíčkovy sady)

Park Grébovka, which is also known as Havlíčkovy sady, differs from all the others mentioned on this list, because it is not so much in a center and therefor there are almost no tourists there. Instead, it is a place where locals go to walk their dogs or where mothers take their kids.

So, if you are looking for a calm place, where you can relax or go for a romantic date, Grébovka is perfect place for you!

Grébovka fountain
Grébovka vineyard

Petřínské sady

If you want to see one of the most picturesque place in Prague, then definitely pay a visit to Petřínské sady. Apart from a gorgeous orchard, there are many cool activities that you can do there!

Since Petřínké sady are located in the hillside, you can either hike up the hill yourself, or you can use a cable car that will get you up without any effort. The best part about it is, that the cable car ticket is the same one, you will use for a normal public transport, so if you have one already activated and still valid, you don’t have to pay anything!

On top of the Petřín hill is also a beautiful lookout tower which reminds the famous Eifel tower from Paris. Not only you will have a great view from up there, but there is also a mirror maze right underneath it.

Petřínské sady
Petřín orchard

If you want to learn about other interesting places in Prague, check out our other articles, or book one of our tours and we will be happy to show you ourselves!

*please see our Guidebook here to find more locals’ recommendations

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