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2023 – news update

News update
Publication 26. 3. 2023

This winter, it finally felt like Covid was long gone, our team got big enough again, it was a perfect time to add new products and expand a bit.

These are the major points:

• We are currently #1 in all Outdoor Activities in Prague category on Tripadvisor (link here), which really validates our recent effort and big decision to rebrand from Segway Experience to PragueWay Tours. Last year, we recruited great new guides to our team, made sure to focus on five-star reviews and clients satisfaction. We are currently #5 in all Tours & Activities in Prague and aim to get a higher rank soon. We expect to hit 3000 reviews until the summer starts.

• We made our tours system / schedule „smarter“ so we can get the most of our capacities. In the high season, it is always difficult to manage everything, avoid mistakes and chaos, so we are happy with improvements we made – so that we have enough guides, do not have to panic and change things on the day, and everything goes smooth.

• Our core walking tours are 1.5-hour Charles Bridge River Boat Cruise & Guided Tour, 2-hours long Old Town Tour: Highlights & Hidden Gems (with extra Medieval Underground option) and 2-hours Prague Castle: The Highlights. We also decided to put all these together and offer as a „3-in-one“ package concept Day Tour.

• Our One Prague Tour (*2019) is currently one of the very top experiences in Prague, based on the amount of reviews and average rating ratio. We offer two options now, covering both sides of the main UNESCO area.

• Another new product that we added is the Castle Side Beer Tour. Far from a plain „bar hop“ type of activity, you not only taste four different types of local beer, but you also learn a lot about Czech beer culture, production and the industry… Drink & learn!

• Apart from open group tours, we expect to host many company and bigger group events this year. We have a long experience doing these with e-scooters and segways, we are now meeting new partners and scheduling these for our walking tours as well.

Please see our full 2023 catalogue here. This will be a very busy year, the summer season starts in 3, 2, 1… See you at Mostecka 4!

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Ondra Novotný
I finished my Masters in Prague, used to sell educational products in Colorado, walked doggies in Brooklyn and love the historical Prague. Somehow I got into tourism and plan to stay – it gives me a chance to meet folks from all around the world, provide a good time, and share the city’s unique charms.

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